Tim & Adella’s Punjabi Wedding Video West River & Paramount Convention Venues Vaughn Ontario

It just didn’t feel like work. After almost 5 years since filming Tim’s sister, Puja’s, wedding, Surinder Aunty contacted me early in the year inquiring if I was still available for her son’s wedding. What’s unique about this is that Adella is Cuban, and that Tim had met her in Cuba and also had their wedding there too.

They also wanted to do the Sikh Wedding here, and remembering the magnitude of Puja’s wedding, I knew this one was going to be incredible. Coincidentally, the venues were identical for both siblings and it was deja vu for me. I had an awesome time working with the family again. They were so hospitable by treating me like the family and also making sure I ate throughout the day. You don’t know what it means for us vendors to be asked to eat as it makes our day.

At some weddings, we work so hard throughout the day and we are not even asked if we had some water! Okay so back to the wedding…it started with the sangeet night midway in the week and the wedding just happen to be on friday which turned out to be the hottest day of the year. Imagine working outside and in a humid tent trying to capture the moments. I was sweating buckets. The wedding went without a hiccup and the weather held up, no rain! What impressed me most was the cubans. Adella’s family had never been to Canada let alone a sikh punjabi wedding video.

I was trying to imagine what they were thinking in their head when they watched us to our tribal dance, aka bhangra, and having Tim on the horse with 4 guys dressed in costume banging on a drum and holding sticks??? lol. Well what they did was get involved and that was just awesome. Well the party is over but lifelong celebration has just begun.

I wish you Tim and Adella the best in the world along with Puja,Sasha, Surinder Aunty + Uncle and the entire family.

Thank you.


Our Vimeo Link : Tim & Adella Punjabi Wedding Video West River & Paramount Convention Venues Vaughn Ontario



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