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 Thanks for taking the time to look at our photography and sharing with others. I got to give it to our sikh wedding couple Sukhjinder and Sandeep, they really were easy to work with and had full trust in our abilities to do a great job. Here’s a text that Sandeep sent me the next day “Goodmorning Dal! Wanted to thank you for all the hard work you guys put into the wedding starting with the e-shoot all the way up to the reception. You guys are professional and awesome at what you do. The entire team is commendable for their work and kind nature. Sukh and I look forward to seeing the finished products of both photo and video!”. When clients send us texts like these, I get that warm and fuzzy feeling inside  🙂
     So back to my post here, lol. The sikh wedding e-shoot was way back in November as we really wanted to capture the fall colors. I must commend the both of them as they endured such cold weather for the sake of great photos, thank you guys. After collaborating over several phone calls, we came to a mutual agreement to where to do the shoots. I was totally blown away by the both of them cause they came dressed like a true King and Queen, and they meant business! We started in Mississauga, then went to downtown and finally to the docks area for the final snaps. What was supposed to be only a 2-3 hour shoot became 6 hours! Sometimes when things are falling into place, we lose track of time and it all becomes about the creativity. And sometimes it’s just that we click with certain couples naturally and that’s how we felt with Sukh and Sandeep. Well the wedding has already come and gone and we can now get down to business of editing the wedding stuff. Until then enjoy their e-shoot and please share this post with others, cheers.

Check out Sukh and Sandeep’s Next Day Highlights Here:

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