Sikh Punjabi Wedding Extravaganza Brampton Ontario

This wedding was indeed a wedding extravaganza as it was a week long celebration of 2 families coming together. Harsevak and Paramjit came to in need of photography and video coverage. They were referrals from another client we had a blast covering 2 years prior. I find it comfortable for all involved when clients come to see me when they have been referred by another person, especially when they used our services. We got along from the very beginning, and they were particular for what they were looking for which makes my job a lot easier. By the time the wedding dates came around, we were quite comfortable with each other as we’ve already done 3 eshoots as they wanted a four season themed collage. It was quite fun starting from the fall, thru winter and on to spring. This truly was a week long of festivities as we started on Tuesday with the chunni and shagan wedding extravaganza following with the maayein and jago events and then on to the wedding and reception which was split over 2 days. One interesting note was that it rained hard at the park shoot but Harsevak and Paramjit were troopers and we ended up with amazing pics. I remember how silly it was for us to be standing under a tree during the storm but we had no other shelter, good thing we didn’t get hit with lightning! The doli moment was truly an emotional time for Paramjit as she is very close with her family. One superb moment we got was when Harsewak held Paramjit in the Rolls Royce limo as she cried and they were driven off. At the reception, they look magnificent. They truly look great together. It was nice to see Harsevak try to play the keyboard as his surprise gift to Paramjit. I think nerves got the best of him! Truly enjoyed covering this Punjabi wedding. I felt like family. Congratulations to them both!

Cinematography: Art of Video

Photography: Art of Video



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