Sikh Punjabi Wedding at Dixie Gurudwara of Harneet with Deepy

Deepy and Harneet came to me last year with a proposition. They were very interested in us and also did some preliminary work for Deepy’s brother and sister-n-law who were going be married a week before that. (their video highlights are here How cool is that? I hit it off with the both of them and really enjoyed conversations with Harneet, he’s a car enthusiast as you can see from the white Ford Mustang convertible that was used at the wedding. The wedding day ended up being rained on but we did what we could and that is what we do best. You see, weddings are a one time shot. We don’t have the opportunity to do a retake so we work with whatever that day gives us to create you an awesome product. The wedding was at Ontario Khalsa Darbar otherwise commonly called Dixie Gurudwara in Hall 5. Hall 5 has got good lighting but OMG, taking all that equipment up those stairs just makes it tough! The wedding was gorgeous and went smooth as butter but the park shoot proved to be a challenge. I wanted to do more work with the drone but due to the extremely high winds, I couldn’t do all that I wanted. Nevertheless, we had good stuff to work with in the end and produced them this. I love the song choice Fast Cars by Tracy Chapman. Good songs make such a difference. Thank you Deepy and Harneet and best wishes to you.


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