Kamal & Cindy Punjabi Wedding Scarborough Gurudwara & Terrace Banquet Vaughn

Kamal & Cindy Punjabi Wedding Photography 

Why this video is special is because it was a gift from Cindy’s close friend, and MC, Rabina and the bridesmaids Manjot, Jessy, Manpreet, and Sheetal. I was filming Cindy’s mehendi and vatna ceremony when Rabina brought up same day edits. Once she found out that the couple did not purchase a highlight video, an idea came to her that she and the other bridesmaids could give that as her gift.

This was a first time for me and I just had to up my game another 50% (not that we don’t normally do a great job lol). I don’t have to tell you about whether they like it or not as I could see the crowd’s reaction while I filmed them watching. I also wanted to thank the MC’s for giving a real nice shout out to us for creating a mind blasting (I just had to add that in!) video.

Art of Video is truly a team effort. Long gone are those dayz where 1 videographer could do this on his own. Thanks to Tej, Roger, Harb, in being involved with the production and capturing of this event. You guyz did great!

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