Sikh Wedding Milton of Ravi and Nikki

I write this as I’m recovering from their reception last night of the Sikh Wedding Milton of Ravi and Nikki. I’ve really been lucky these past several months. And the reason? I’ve been blessed to work with some great couples and families! Ravi and Nikki have a great foundation. They both know how to separate what’s important from all the fluff. They came to me because they really liked the simplicity of our videos plus the fact that our videos included family moments which felt real for them. I like that! We started filming two days prior to the wedding at their respective maayeins. I got to tell you how wonderful it feels to be welcomed and asked to eat and have refreshments. I do have to give a shout out to both dads here. They both were so warm and inviting and we got to have some great conversation. Here’s advice to all those reading and are yet to book your vendors…treat your vendors with the same kindness you would want to be treated and they will work even more harder for you. It’s just that simple. Now on to the wedding day, these guys looked fabulous. Really I mean it. We were really excited to get to work that morning because we got to use the drone for the first time. For all of you that don’t know what a drone is, it was that hovering aircraft that was buzzing above you and sounded like a lawn trimmer, lol. The depth and aerial perspective just adds another level to our videos. If you want one for you wedding we can add it to your wedding too. It was a gorgeous day indeed with perfect weather and slight breeze. Everything was on time and we are talking no indian standard time here! The ceremony was magical, and there was that funny moment when Ravi and Nikki got up to early before the priest finished his part, that gave me a chuckle, no offense guys! Hall number 3 and 4 of Dixie is perfect in size and lighting as it provides a skylight as you can see the quality of imagery on the video. Once the ceremony was completed, we changed location of the park shoot to in front of Nikki’s house of this Sikh Wedding Milton. The field is currently empty and perfect to do some drone video. Hey guys, until the house get built, you can always and conveniently run in the fields together, lol, just kidding. The doli was touching and the having the brothers hold the “chadar” above their heads while they left the house provided some awesome footage. I do want to mention the pani vaar here as we never covered it in that way before. You can see some of the drone footage in the video of the limo coming down the street to Ravi’s house. Doesn’t it look surreal? Before finishing here, Ravi…the song dedication from Premi’s “giddha pa nikki” was just too good. It brought last nights reception to another level. Great Party! It didn’t even feel like work.

Congrats Ravi and Nikki and blessed to be a part of this Punjabi Sikh Wedding Milton.

If you’re reading this and yet to book cinematography and photography (we do both!). Give me a shout at 289-752-6051. Looking forward to hearing from you.



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