Caledon Punjabi Sikh Wedding

Caledon, just north of brampton is breathtakingly beautiful. With it’s rolling hills, flourishing forests, eye popping mansions, many will attest that caledon is a gem of a place. In fact, the bylaws are so strict with placing limits on developers so that the landscape can stay natural as possible. Maneet and Mandeep are not only both from Caledon, they live across from each other! Okay not exactly a short walk across the street, Maneet lives on a huge estate that requires at least a 3 minute walk from his house to the road. This was the set up for their wedding. When I first met them together, they both didn’t want a bollywood production, but something simple that matched their personalities. That’s nice for them but for me I wanted to create something different. I asked if there was something that was important to Maneet, something that recently happened to him. He said his grandfather passed away recently which gave me the idea to incorporate his grandfather into the same day edit. We took his audio, which he recorded about 4 times and incorporated it into the what you’re about to see. The wedding turned about to be a blast. The coolest part was when all we had to do was walk from Mandeep’s house after the doli to Maneet’s Caledon estate across the street. A first time for us! They loved the highlights, as Mandeep texted me saying she was in tears watching it at the reception. One other honorable mention is that Sharry Maan was hired to perform at the reception, and boy was I excited about that! He was super entertaining and all around nice guy. Congratulations Mandeep and Maneet! Enjoy and kindly contact us for photo and video needs at your wedding or function. Thanks for watching.




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